Keith Knows Movies: Jack and Jill

Keith Kerkland returns for his first movie review

What happens when two of the biggest titans of cinema cross the intergenerational gap, smashing headfirst through the thin walls of reason to be as one, writhing, naked and coalescing each other like some labyrinthine, two-headed deity? Answer: Jack and JillContinue reading “Keith Knows Movies: Jack and Jill”

Keith’s Korner: Please Do Not Go to Albania

A public service announcement from a concerned citizen


My name is Keith Kerkland. I am a regular man who does regular things like eat buttered noodles and watch the Flintstones live-action movie with my two chihuahuas. A simple man to Darcy and Alice (my ‘huahuas), a man of reason with sensibility and love for my country to all. But love for MY country is where the hearts stop. So, for the love of God, please do not ask me about Albania. Continue reading “Keith’s Korner: Please Do Not Go to Albania”