Amazing! This Couple Just Got Engaged After He Dressed up like a Baby and Started Screaming for His Mother Until a Woman Felt so Uncomfortable That She Approached Him

Move over Jay-Z and Beyoncé, there’s a new power couple riding the bus.

Romance alert! These two lovers finally met their match in each other after Daniel Handson, 28, got on the bus this morning dressed as a baby and started screaming for his mother. It took nearly eighteen minutes and 4 emergency stops, but Nicole Coolidge, 21, finally made her move and the two are now inseparable.

“I remember feeling very uncomfortable,” recalls Coolidge fondly. “It started out quiet but by the time I walked over there was real fear in his voice.”

Interestingly, this was not Handson’s first trip to the market. A meager fellow known in social circles as “the guy who defies all restraining orders and makes others generally nervous,” Daniel started dressing up like a baby and riding the bus in 2015. “It just got so tiring to keep going on fruitless Tinder dates. Do you know how tiring it is to keep being told that women don’t date guys who only have photos of them putting their mother in a headlock?” After several bad dates and several hundred threatening messages to women, this Romeo decided that he needed to break the mould.

“I really only started doing it because my stupid mom was in the hospital so there was nobody to wash my pants,” recants Daniel, explaining the last time he put her in a headlock to update his Plenty of Fish profile. “It wasn’t until, I don’t know, the third or fourth trip, that I started noticing the glances.”

And glances they were. Nicole remembers watching the scene unfold with growing excitement: “I thought that I was going to puke. I have pretty severe anxiety taking the bus as is and so a grown man, naked except for a dirty diaper and several very dark boils on his chest, really didn’t help things. I wonder whether I should have just called an Uber that morning.”

What a wonder love is! The two are now glued at the hip and both are excited to see what will come next. “She is my muse, my carnal delight, my public transportation princess.” Daniel could barely contain his excitement. Nicole was similarly beaming. “When I bent down to ask him to stop, he pulled me towards him and whispered, ‘Next stop love, or else I will jump in front of a bus.’”

So what does come next for these two lovers? We asked Nicole, who said coyly, “Please call my boyfriend and tell him that I have been taken.” That sounds like a win for love!

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